Movie Guide

Movie Guide

Research movies, actors, and watch trailers


  • Tons of new and old movies
  • Integrates ratings and trailers
  • 'Watchlist' queue


  • Some movie pages lack information
  • Trailers can't play full screen
  • No integration with Rotten Tomatoes for ratings
  • Can't read reviews

Not bad

Movie Guide provides users with a database of movies, trailers and information about the films.

If you're not sure what to watch in the theaters, Movie Guide will help you decide. Its interface shows a bunch of movie art in a grid. Click or tap on one to get information about the movie, including actors/actresses in the film, ratings, a synopsis, trailers, and similar movies.

If you have a specific specific movie in mind, you can use the integrated search feature in Movie Guide. If you're on a tablet, swipe in from the right bezel to bring up the Windows charms and tap 'search.' If you're using a keyboard and mouse, you can hit 'Windows + F.'

Although Movie Guide seems to offer a ton of information, its features are actually quite limited. Trailers are sourced from YouTube but can't be played full screen. While there are ratings on the page from 'users,' there's no way to read or write a review. It would have been more useful if Movie Guide used Rotten Tomatoes as a source for reviews. Lastly, some lesser known film pages have a dearth of information.

Overall, Movie Guide is a very basic movie database that just feels incomplete.

Movie Guide


Movie Guide

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